At War with Self

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At War With Self

Also known as
Glenn Snelwar

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Progressive Metal
Jazz Fusion

Years active
2004 – Present

Free Electric Sound, The Laser’s Edge, Sensory, Sluggo’s Goon Music

Associated acts
Gordian Knot, Non-Fiction, System Addict, Warlord, Fates Warning, Armored Baby, Attention Deficit, A Triggering Myth, Michael Hedges, Power Of Omens, The Fractured Dimension

Glenn Snelwar / At War With Self

Glenn Snelwar, Alex Arellano

Past members
Michael Manring, Mark Zonder, Damon Trotta, Mark Sunshine, James Von Buelow, Dave Archer, Steve Decker, Manfred Dikkers, Marco Minnemann

At War With Self is the project conceived by multi-instrumentalist Glenn Snelwar, best known as one of the guitarists on the Gordian Knot debut album which featured members of Cynic, Watchtower, King Crimson and Dream Theater.

For the project’s first album Torn Between Dimensions (2005) Glenn collaborated with drummer Mark Zonder and bassist Michael Manring. The instrumental trio created an amalgam of tight-knit compositions encompassing progressive rock, metal, jazz, ambient and classical stylings, often within the boundaries of each composition. The end result was critically acclaimed and continues to grow a following as word of mouth of the project expands.
For Acts of God, the second release from the At War With Self project (2007), Snelwar has desired to create a set of compositions with the intentions of living up to the label ‘progressive’ by dramatically changing almost every facet of the project while staying true to the underlying inspiration of the project’s inception – to combine disparate styles and create music with no boundaries. No better choice than Damon Trotta as a co-writer and bassist to create what is sure to be as intriguing a release as Torn Between Dimensions. With Trotta on bass, vocals, synths and programming and Snelwar on guitars, mandolin and synths, the duo is assisted by Sluggo’s Goon Music labelmates Damon Trotta (bass, vocals), James Von Buelow (guitars), Steve Decker (drums), Mark Sunshine (vocals), Dave Archer (keyboards) and Manfred Dikkers (drums) to create some truly stunning, insp